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About Yoga

Yoga helps you tap into the innate intelligence of your body that always knows what it needs. Learn to breathe and create space....

Yoga and meditation offers a complete detox and anyone who has ever detoxed from nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, heavy metals... knows what I am talking about that- depending on what needs to be detoxed the process becomes more or less uncomfortable. A practice of yoga and meditation will detox your body, mind and spirit. 

My yoga is about coming back into the body and becoming fully embodied. When we learn to be present in our body we can become present in life. This to me is why the physical practice of yoga and breath work are key to meditation and living mindfully. 

What is Yoga

Yoga is widely considered as a tool, having roots in ancient India, that yokes together body, mind and spirit. Some focus on the physical exercise  aspect of yoga while others the mental discipline of meditation. Some look to yoga as a way to deepen their spiritual connection to a higher power, while others are curious about the ancient wisdom component of yoga and study the yoga scriptures as a tool for self study. Some develop the meditation aspect as a way to manage their thoughts while others live a life of service by focusing on serving the world. Whatever you are looking for yoga is there to help you improve and enjoy your life more fully.  Yoga brings you into the present moment.

The Types of Yoga 

Hatha yoga: Physical practice

Jnana yoga: Scriptures and self study

Bakhti yoga: Devotion

Karma yoga: Service