At NRYM we are pleased to offer mindfulness programs to help you find creative solutions to challenges and find the peace of mind you need to thrive. 

Growing empirical research shows that mindfulness leads to:

- Reduced stress and anxiety

- Decreased emotional reactivity

- Improved concentration

- Strengthened confidence and resilience

- Greater happiness, peace of mind and well-being 

Do you notice your mind wandering to the past or worrying about this future?
Do you need new tools to navigate a challenge?

Are you being bullied by your ego and your wisdom is struggling to be heard?

Are you a parent wishing to deepen your connection with your children?

Are you a business leader having difficulty keeping pace with workplace changes and demands?

If you answered yes to any of these question, this program may be right for you.

The 12 week mindfulness coaching program developed by NRYM is designed to give you the life skills you need to complement your yoga and meditation  practice and develop a mindful mindset. A consistent meditation and yoga practice together with the application of OTFG, developed by Nicole Rolland in her book 'Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, meaning, & Abundance'  will help you bring more mindfulness into your life.

12 Week Mindfulness Coaching

Meditation + Yoga + OTFG= The NRYM Mindfulness Coaching program

In this twelve week program you will apply the concepts of OTFG to your personal blocks to mindfulness. You can follow this program at your own pace, on your own or with a group. Each session includes self-enquiry questions, short lectures on mindfulness concepts as well as discussion on how they play out in your life.  


Week 1: Curiosity and the practice of moving past limiting beliefs

Week 2: Judgment and the practice of non-judgmental awareness

Week 3: Shadows and the practice of healing your wounds

Week 4: Ego and the practice of defenselessness


Week 5: Surrender and the practice of letting go

Week 6: Intentionality and the practice of moving into the heart

Week 7: Truth and the practice of authenticity


Week 8: Taking responsibility and the practice of patience

Week 9: Faith and the practice of patience

Week 10: Karma and the practice of changing patterns


Week 11: Optimism and the practice of acceptance

Week 12: Life purpose and the practice of being of service 

6 Week Meditation Program: Learn to Meditate with Ease and In Comfort

Week 1:  Basics of Meditation
Week 2:  Loving Kindness Meditation
Week 3: Mindfulness Practice
Week 4:  Mantra Meditation
Week 5: Kirtan Meditation

Week 6: Guided Meditation




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