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Nicole is excited to offer a 10 Week Mindful Living Program (MLP) to help you manage stress, anxiety and worry, as well as, help you navigate any life challenge while staying true to who you are and what's important to you. 

"It is easy to lose that connection to who you are deep inside and to what matters when you are under some kind of duress. Some fall apart, while others harden, some seem able to roll with the punches while others resign themselves to an unsatisfactory outcome or fight tirelessly for that prize always out of reach. How do you cope? It is my wish that with this ten week program you will learn to see your stressors and any challenges you are facing with a renewed sense of purpose, strength and opportunity."  Nicole


Mindfulness is all about living in the present moment in a place of non judgemental awareness.


- Reduced stress and anxiety

- Decreased emotional reactivity

- Improved concentration

- Strengthened confidence and resilience

- Greater happiness, peace of mind and well-being 

Upcoming Talk on Meditation and Mindfulness in Lasalle

"How Meditation And Mindfulness Can Help" 

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Join me for a one hour talk in Montreal on how meditation and mindfulness work together to help you meet your needs. This talk will explore the spiritual implications of Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory so you leave the talk with a clearer understanding of what you truly need.  This presentation is offered in English with French translation. 

10 Week Mindful Living Program

The 10 week Mindful Living Program (MLP) created by NRYM is designed to help you develop a mindful mindset. Using a combination of breath work, meditation, awareness exercises, self reflective questions and discussions, This program explores Nicole's four pillars to mindfulness: Openness, Trust, Forgiveness and Gratitude (OTFG).   In this ten week program you will apply the concepts of Nicole's four pillars of mindfulness to your personal blocks and challenges. Each session includes a short lecture on mindfulness concepts followed by an experiential component.

Next program begins Thursday September 19, 2019 - 7.15pm -  8.45 pm

at the Centre Greene, Westmount
September 19, 26

October 3, 10, 17, 24

November 7, 14, 21, 28

Suggested: Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, meaning, & Abundance  by Nicole Rolland
Required: Mindful Living Workbook (MLP) by Nicole Rolland


Week 1: How can I be more open? Curiosity and the practice of moving past limiting beliefs

Week 2: How can I judge less? Judgment and the practice of non-judgmental awareness

Week 3: How can I heal? Shadows and the practice of healing wounds

Week 4: How can I manage my ego? Ego and the practice of defencelessness


Week 5: How do I let go? Surrender and the practice of letting go

Week 6: What do I really want? Intentionality and the practice of moving into the heart

Week 7: Is it safe to be me? Truth and the practice of authenticity


Week 8: How to forgive? Taking responsibility and the practice of patience


Week 9: How to smile? Optimism and the practice of acceptance

Week 10: How to Serve? Life purpose and the practice of being of service 


10 tokens or $250 for the full program  

+ Required material used throughout the program