New location: November 2017 

3410 Boul. Saint Joseph.

Lachine, Quebec, H8T 1P6

​​​Yoga and Meditation Classes in Montreal 

Step into who you are. Embrace what matters to you


At NRYM we are pleased to offer mindfulness coaching as well as mindfulness programs to help you take your yoga and meditation practice to the next level.

8 Week Mindfulness Coaching 

Book an On Demand one hour class and follow this program at your own pace or incorporate mindfulness coaching into your meditation and yoga on demand class.

6 week programs: 1 hour classes

- Learn to Meditate- Six week program : Learn the basics of meditation and bring more mindfulness into your life

September 21-October 26: Thursdays from 11 to 12 noon

November 8 - December 13: Wednesdays from 6 to 7 pm

Week 1:  Basics of Meditation

Week 2:  Loving Kindness Meditation

Week 3: Mindfulness Practice

Week 4:  Mantra Meditation

Week 5: Kirtan Meditation

Week 6: Guided Meditation

- Manage Stress & Anxiety- Six week program: Apply yoga & meditation techniques and concepts on and off the mat to ride the waves of stress and lower anxiety

September 27- November 1: Wednesdays 6 to 7pm

November 2- December 7: Thursdays 10 to 11 am 

-       Practice Relaxation Techniques
-       Explore Patanjali’s Eightfold Path To Freedom
-       Find Creative Solutions To Obstacles
-       Adapt Ancient Wisdom To Modern Day Life
-       Create Your Own Personal Plan to Implement immediately

Week 1:  Cultivating Beginner's Mind and Curiosity, Yoga and Breathwork 

Week 2: Facing Limiting Beliefs and Judgment,  Yoga and Breathwork 

Week 3: Trust and Surrender, Yoga and Breathwork 

Week 4: Forgiveness and Taking Responsibility, Yoga and Breathwork 

Week 5: Gratitude and Contentment, Yoga and Breathwork 

Week 6: Truth and Authenticity, Yoga and Breathwork