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Hi there,

Have you hit a roadblock in your life and looking for something new? Would you like to embark on an exciting  journey towards positive change, personal growth and expanded awareness?

Many of my clients are just like you. Whether you have suffered a financial, personal or health setback, or whether you have a nagging feeling inside that it's time for something new - the opportunity has arrived to welcome in positive change. I am pleased to offer you a choice of a yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes and programs. Whether you have an established practice or are a total beginner, I am delighted to tailor a class for you or find the right program to give you what you need.

Learn how yoga can help you tap into the innate intelligence of your body that knows exactly what it needs. 

Learn howmeditation can still the monkey mind so you become aware of your thoughts without become cannibalized by them.

Learn how mindfulness can connect you to the present moment so you can move out of stress, anxiety and worry.

Who are you? What really matters? When you take a private or small group class with me, sign up for one of my programs or enjoy the online services that I share, it is my hope that the,  perhaps unclear or even daunting,  path ahead, becomes less so. It all boils down to taking some time to go inside and tend to some personal healing. In the wise words of the late Louise Hay "To clean house you need to first see the dirt".

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness will help 

There are so many fantastic teachers, coaches and guides out there, each with their own recipe and unique blend of spices and techniques to support you through whatever you are going through.  I like to refer to myself as a teaching student because like you- I am always growing, learning and evolving. I am committed to supporting you through this never ending process of change by sharing trusted yoga, meditation and mindfulness building tools that open your heart so you can reconnect to your true nature. I offer a very safe, nurturing and compassionate container for this to happen. Please visit my bio for details on my professional trainings as well as my teaching experience. 

Nicole Rolland Five Pillars to Living Mindfully 

1. Face fears

2. Manage ego

3. Let go of expectations

4. Take responsibility

5. Connect to something larger

Nicole Rolland practice of OTFG to get you there

1.Openness: Get curious about new ideas, people, places and things

2. Trust: Allow and let go

3. Forgiveness: Take responsibility

4. Gratitude​: Practice joyful acceptance

Nicole Rolland teachings on Healing Narcissism 

healing personal and collective narcissism is all about no longer colluding with shadow patriarchal structures of control, hierarchies and competition that have become toxic so you can rediscover the light side of these patriarchal structures that provide the support you need to properly nourish yourself.

You will learn all about OTFG, as well as, other tools to discover the real YOU in my book Stepping into Consciousness- a Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning and Abundance and stay up to date with how my teachings evolve with my blogs and podcasts.

Learn more about living mindfully and enjoying healthy narcissism, by incorporating these principles into your life in my 10 week Mindfulness program.

If this sounds good to you,  let's get started! Join my mailing list and enjoy visiting my website.

With much gratitude,