Boutique Yoga Studio- Private classes without paying for private!  

Our token system keeps our rates as low as possible so you can get the attention you need with a private class.

  • Chose a private class at one of our moveable studio in Westmount or your home or workplace
  • Chose a private yoga class, meditation session, mindfulness coaching or a combination thereof
  • Chose a private class during studio operating hours or outside
  • Chose to practice on your own or share it with your friends, family members, colleagues or employees.

Be a Star! 1 Star Token for 1 hour of instruction

Additional tokens used for premium services such as travel to your home or workplace, classes outside studio operating hours or classes shared with friends, family members, colleagues or employees. Learn More Enjoy a premium service without paying a premium price tag!

PREMIUM SERVICE BOOKINGS:  2 or more tokens Reserve Here

CANCELLATION POLICY:If you need to cancel a class, it happens! To avoid paying for a missed class, please let us know by 9 am the day of your session for all sessions at 12 noon or later and by 6 pm the night before for sessions before 12 noon the following day. 

Moveable Westmount Studio

Studio Operating hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 7 pm (last class at 6pm)

Class Cards: Previously purchased Class Cards exchanged for class tokens and may be used indefinitely

Save withStar Tokens 

1 Drop-In Token: $35

10 Tokens: $320 ($32 an hour)

20 Tokens: $600 ($30 an hour) 


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