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"Two years ago I began a regular yoga routine, primarily for the physical workout.  I had very little yoga experience and was nervous about trying something new.  Nicky’s yoga was just what I needed.  I got the physical workout I needed, but I also received a side benefit I had not anticipated or even thought I needed.  I learned to relax and "step-away" from myself and the craziness life.  Thanks Nicky, I could not have done it without you! "

—Monica Stephens: Busy Mother of 2- Fall 2011 

"I had 2 yoga classes with Nicole Rolland, she is generous with her time and very patient. She takes time and cares for her students. She doesn't force anyone to do difficult movements. She knows the limits of every student. I enjoy her classes. She is an expert and knowledgeable with great credentials."
—Pilar Shephard Cumming: Art Evaluator- June 2016 

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Yoga, meditation and mindfulness on and off the mat 

People of All Kinds

My dharma is to teach about love which I  believe is your true nature. Perhaps you don't feel very loving right now or doubt that the world is a loving place. I want to reassure you that you are a loving person and the world is a loving place too! it's just going through a bad patch right now :-) But don't take my word for it though.

 You need to experience this love for yourself. Like an onion, you have many layers that I will help you peel away so you can eventually get to the core where you hold the juiciest you. Whether you chose a yoga, meditation and/or mindfulness session with me, or whether you enjoy one of my talks, I am passionate with supporting you as you peel away the layers of your onion.  Enjoy the video testimonials from a few of my amazing clients. 

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"I have been doing yoga for 13 years and have worked with a wide range of teachers. Nicky is one of my favorites. She engages the class with physical and spiritual challenges while showing a gentle empathy and understanding of individual needs. Nicky makes good use of music and chants to help set the mood and even provides scented eye pillows during shavasana. Nicky's classes are a good workout and are relaxing at the same time. "
—Lys Hugessen: Non Profit Manager- Fall 2011


"I have been practicing yoga and meditation for over 30 years. I have worked with a variety of teachers and by far the best to date is  Nicole Rolland. Whether you are new to yoga and meditation or have practiced for many years like myself, I strongly encourage you to try one of her classes. Nicole's modern approach is most relevant today to anyone looking to enjoy the many benefits that come hand in hand with the mindfulness practices of yoga and meditation."

—Reford Macdougall: Consultant- June 2016

“My husband and I have taken private yoga sessions with Nicky for the past few years. She has pushed us to a new state of health and well being.  Nicky  has made yoga an essential part of our lifestyle, practicing with her is a real gift!"
—Daphna and Peter Vermes: Dentist and Engineer - December 2015 

"After years of extreme sports, I knew my body and my mind needed something completely different. To my delight, I found it in my first Yoga class with Nicky. With her calm energy and easy-to-follow instructions I quickly became addicted to my bi-weekly practice. In the past year, my increased core strength and flexibility has helped me improve my tennis play, biking and skiing. Go for it!
—David Benjamin: Retired Engineer - Winter 2012

"A year and a half ago, I joined Nicky's class and my practice changed. I would describe Nicky's class as a breath of fresh air. Something happens during her class, everyone seems to get in tune, happy and it is amazing how she naturally spreads peace and enjoyment of yoga in her 1 hour with us. She is very generous and cares for each student- making sure that the practice suits every level. No one feels inadequate in her class. I feel so calm and at peace after her class. She is a precious teacher who cares and has added so much to my yoga practice.  "
—Odette Nadeau: Librarian- Fall 2011

"Nicole is an exceptional yoga instructor. She is attentive to your needs, will fix your posture to make sure you are doing everything correctly, and safely. Both the meditation and yoga sessions were amazing. I have done yoga before but my yoga sessions with Nicole was truly the best yoga session I have ever been to. I felt relaxed, refreshed and pain-free. I would recommend both the meditation and yoga sessions. "

—Tanit Haddad, July 2016, Model and biochemist

"I have been taking yoga classes with Nicky for 2.5 years. I look forward to her classes every week! Not only have I become physically stronger and more flexible, but I feel more spiritually aware. Nicky loves to challenge her students while at the same time keeping us focused on what is important in life. Her yoga classes have definitely improved my well being. Thanks for your generosity and caring attitude Nicky!"
—Wendy Wayling: Librarian- Fall 2010

"Having just started meditating, I find that Nicky is extremely informative, gentle and patient with her instructions.
This encourages me to continue to adopt this practice into my regular schedule.
She is really wonderful !!!! "

—Nancy Lydon: Financial Advisor, Artist- June 2016