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Countryside Retreats

Quiet Seclusion and Nature to Heal Body/Mind and Spirit

Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Retreats

at Riverstone - in Stanstead East, Eastern Townships

All inclusive

- Day Retreats

- Overnight Retreats

Get Away  to recharge and renew 

Detox from Technology, Pollution, Toxic food,

The ego's grip on always wanting more and just be...

Release judgment, fear and just be yourself in nature...

Move, breathe, let go of what you don't need and bring in what you do...

and practice my OTFG formula for mindfulness






What is Included

- Yoga & Meditation Classes

- Personal time for walks, practice and reflection
- Whole Foods Meals- See Sample Menu 
- Yoga mats and props 

- Sauna

Move the body and the breath to free up blocked energy that allow you to release toxins. 

Enjoy the opportunity to detox from technology and allow mother earth to restore equilibrium.

Detox from the ego's grip and come back into balance. Inflated and deflated egos stand in the

way of connecting to inner wisdom and to your inner light.

Stress, burnout and trauma all compromise inner wisdom connection. Nature plays a vital role in 

restoring that connection and practicing the fine art

of non-judgmental awareness helps you live mindfully. 

Meditation and contemplation allows you to become the witness of your thoughts

rather than be trapped by them.