Thursday 14 November  to Friday 15 November, 2019

Quiet Seclusion and Nature to Heal Body/Mind and Spirit

1st Women's Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Overnight Detox Retreat

at Riverstone - in Stanstead East, Eastern Townships

All inclusive

Get away for just 1 night to recharge and renew 

Join me and celebrate the full moon this November

NRYM 1 night to detox from Technology, Pollution, Toxic food,

The ego's grip on always wanting more and just be...

Release judgment, fear and just be yourself in nature...

Move, breathe, let go of what you don't need and bring in what you do...

and practice my OTFG formula for mindfulness






What is Included

- 3 yoga classes

- 2 meditation classes

- Outdoor fire ceremony (weather permitting otherwise it will be indoors)

- Forest Bathing Walking Meditation

- Personal time for walks, practice and reflection
- 4 meals: Lunch/Dinner/Breakfast/Lunch 
- 2 snacks
- All yoga mats and props 

- Sauna

- Organic Plant Based Meals and Snacks

- Vegan, Organic, Gluten/Soy/Corn free- See Sample Menu 

- Fresh celery and lemon juices for morning cleanse

- On Site Accommodation: 4 bed dormitory style (beddings and towels provided)

- Unplug from technology: leave your cell phones, tablets and computers behind

Off Site Accommodation- also a possibility

at Lee Farms Bed and Breakfast for those wishing a private room.  

an easy 10 minute drive from Riverstone in the village of Stanstead.

What To bring

Clothing for inclement weather

Indoor yoga wear 

Outdoor shoes/boots and indoor slippers

We will practice outside as much as we can weather permitting 

Riverstone is located 1hr 45 minutes from Montreal in Stanstead East.

Built in 1970 by Chris Le Baron, Riverstone is set in an idyllic

country setting on the Tomifobia river. Nestled in 10 acres of open pasture,

gardens and forest, Riverstone is a magical healing place of grace and beauty.

Who is this retreat suitable for 

This retreat is suitable for women of all ages looking for an informal detox who wish

 to take a short break in the countryside to tend to some self care.

Who is this retreat not suitable for 

This retreat is not suitable for anyone who needs to detox from drugs, pills or alcohol 

and would need to be followed by a medical doctor. 

How many women may attend the retreat 

To ensure individual attention, each retreat group will be kept small. 4 on site and a few

additional participants off site may be included.

What does the detox entail

NRYM Detox Plan: Food + Nature +  Yoga + Meditation + Mindfulness

Enjoy a nourishing menu that includes healthy food with an emphasis on fresh

vegetables, fruit,  juices, healthy fats and natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup and

dates. The delicious meals are designed to give your body (and liver) a break from foods known

to cause sensitivities in many people such as gluten, dairy, corn and soy, processed sugars and

low quality oils. Coffee and tea will be available. No alcohol will be served to maintain a retreat


Move the body and the breath to free up blocked energy that allow you to release toxins. 

Enjoy the opportunity to detox from technology and allow mother earth to restore equilibrium- It's just 1 day after all. Use of land line is available for emergencies.

Detox from the ego's grip and come back into balance. Inflated and deflated egos stand in the way of connecting to inner wisdom and to your inner light.

Stress, burnout and trauma all compromise inner wisdom connection. Nature plays a vital role in restoring that connection and practicing the fine art

of non-judgmental awareness helps you live mindfully. 

Meditation and contemplation allows you to become the witness of your thoughts rather than be trapped by them.

Fire ceremony reminds you of your deep connection with nature and helps you release what no longer serves you so you can bring in what does.

What is the Retreat Schedule 

This schedule may be adapted to meet individual needs

of the group. Please feel free to share any dietary requirements.


Thursday November 14

10 to 11am: Arrival - Light Snack and Check in

11 to 12 noon: Welcome 

12 to 1pm: Yoga 

1 to 2 pm: Lunch

 2 to 4 pm: Personal Time- Rest, Nature Walk, Sauna, Journal, Dream

4 to 5 pm: Yoga   

5 to 6 pm: Meditation 

6 to 8 pm: Dinner 

8 to 9 pm : Fire ceremony and Snack

Friday November 15

6 to 8 am: Early Morning Personal Sadhana

8 to 10 am: Breakfast

10- 11 am: Yoga

11- 12 noon: Forest Bathing Walking Meditation

12 to 2pm : Lunch and Retreat Closing

Price: $300 per participant ( meals, classes and on site accommodation included) 

N.B: You may use up to 10 NRYM tokens

contact me here if you would like to use any NRYM tokens towards the cost of your retreat 

Register Here for On site Accommodation

Register Here for Off Site Accommodation

Please note that the retreat fee is the same regardless of whether you stay on or off site as all meals and snacks are included with both options.  If you choose the off site accommodation option, you are responsible for securing and paying for your accommodation.


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