10 Week Mindful Living Program

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Renew your 10 class card before January 20, 2019 and receive a 15 ml bottle of Wild Orange Doterra essential oil: value $18 Canadian

How to enjoy:
Drink: 1 drop in your glass of water or sparkling water

Smell: 2 drops in your essential oil diffuser

Massage: Combine with  fractionated coconut oil and massage onto your spine, soles of your feet

Emotional Benefits: Oil of Abundance

" Wild orange addresses a wide variety of emtional issues. It inspires abundance, fosters creativity, supports a positive mood, restores physical energy and aids in transitions. Wild orange also reconnects individuals with their inner child and brings spontaneity, fun, joy and play into one's life.

At its core, Wild Orange teaches the true meaning of abundance. It encourages individuals to let go of scarcity mindsets with all of their manifestations, including: fear, nervousness, inflexibility, workaholism, lack of humor and the belief that there is not enough. Wild Orange reminds the soul of the limitless supply found in nature. Fruit trees, liek orange, give freely to all in need. Wild Orange teaches individuals to give without thought of compensation. In nature, there is always enough to go around. Wild orange encourages individuals to let go of their need to hoard, which is the epitome of scarcity." Emotions and Essential Oils, A Modern Resource for Healing by Enlighten Publishing.

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Citrus sinensis

Wild Orange

Oil of Abundance 

Wild Orange is one of dōTERRA’s top selling essential oils due to its energizing aroma and benefits. Wild Orange possesses stimulating and cleansing qualities and it can be used on surfaces as a natural cleaner. Helps with anxiety, depression and hormonal issues.