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Meditation & Mindfulness Programs

Programs to deepen your body, mind, spirit connection  

Guided Mindfulness Meditation on Art Appreciation at Westmount Art Gallery on November 7 at 11 am

15 minute: Introduction 

30 minute: Guided mindfulness meditation

15 minute: Q & A Discussion

Westmount Residents have priority registration for this free event hosted by Westmount

8 Week Meditation program - Learn to Meditate with Ease and In Comfort   

I am excited to offer an eight week learning program that lays the foundation for a solid meditation practice. Each week a new meditation is introduced and practiced. The goal with this program is to help you taste different types of meditation to help you develop your own practice that takes into account your lifestyle and your tastes.  Learn more about meditation here.

Week 1:  Basics of Meditation

Week 2: Mindfulness Meditation
Week 3: Self Awareness Meditation 
Week 4: Heart Opening Meditation
Week 5:  Tapping Meditation 
Week 6:  Kirtan Meditation
Week 7:  Mantra Meditation 
Week 8: Guided Meditation ​

Course fee: 8 tokens or $200 for the full program

Learn more about tokens here

10 Week Mindfulness Program

The 10 week Mindful Living Program (MLP) created by NRYM is designed to help you develop a mindful mindset. Using a combination of breath work, meditation, awareness exercises, self reflective questions and discussions, This program explores my four pillars to mindfulness: Openness, Trust, Forgiveness and Gratitude (OTFG).   In this ten week program you will apply the concepts of my four pillars of mindfulness to your personal blocks and challenges. Each session includes a short lecture on mindfulness concepts followed by an experiential component. Learn more about mindfulness here.

Chapter 1 Openness: Weeks 1 to 4

Week 1: How can I be more open? Curiosity and the practice of moving past limiting beliefs
Week 2: How can I judge less? Judgment and the practice of non-judgmental awareness
Week 3: How can I heal? Shadows and the practice of facing fears
Week 4: How can I manage my ego? Managing the ego and the practice of discovering who you truly are and what really matters

Chapter 2 Trust: Weeks 5 to 7
Week 5: How do I let go? Surrender and the practice of letting go 
Week 6: What do I really want? Intentionality and the practice of moving into the heart
Week 7: Is it safe to be me? Truth and the practice of authenticity

Chapter 3: Forgiveness- Week 8  
Week 8: How to forgive? Taking responsibility and the practice of patience

Chapter 4: Gratitude - Weeks 9 and 10
Week 9: How to smile? Optimism and the practice of acceptance
Week 10: How to serve? Life purpose and the practice of connecting to a larger purpose being of service 

Course fee: 10 tokens or $250 for the full program

Learn more about NRYM Tokens here  

+ Required material used throughout the program

Mindfulness/Meditation Coaching

I am pleased to also offer both my 10 week mindfulness program, as well as, my 8 week meditation program in coaching setting. Coaching can be incorporated with any private and small group class. Contact Nicole for details.  

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