November 9, 2016 : Book Talk at Westmount Library                                                                       Cheerful  Yoga  Students: Fall 2016                

October 4, 2016: Guided Meditation at Boutique Kast                                                             Happy Meditation Students 

March 7, 2016: "Curious about Consciousness" book talk at Corso Restaurant

July New Moon Sound Bath Meditation at NRYM Westmount venue- July 2017

Mindful Movement Exercise Class 60 years + Neck Warm Up: April 2017 

2014- 2015: Chez Doris Shelter Yoga and  Medicine Wheel Program 

Mindful Movement in the Park- May 2017

December 2016: Essential Oils and Emotions Class- NRYM Westmount Venue 

New Moon Meditation Slideshow- May 2017

​​​Yoga and Meditation Classes  

Mindfulness Programs in Montreal