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Stepping into Consciousness  

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What people are saying

"Your lecture was excellent, I was impressed that the Westmount Library would have such a presentation" Charlotte Rosshandler- November 2016 
" You gave a wonderful talk. It was very interesting that you introduced the scientific approach of Heartmath and measuring heart coherence and its importance." Carolina Arrillaga- November 2016
"It was a wonderful presentation. I enjoyed it very much. Great feeling in the room. I'm starting your book tonight!" Barbara Lewis - November 2016 

About Stepping into Consciousness

It is one thing to be conscious on the yoga mat and quite another to lead a conscious life out in the world. Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning, and Abundance helps you make the transition from mat to life. With a clear vision of helping you explore some of life's big questions, Stepping into Consciousness combines results-oriented solutions from a typical self help book with the insights of a tome on spirituality.

"A short, effective layman's guide to the benefits of a personal improvement. The author writes in clear, enthusiastic language designed to appeal to neophytes and experts alike".  Kirkus' Review.

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