There are 141 benefits to meditation according to the EOC Institute:

- Slows aging

- Masters stress

- Improves sleep

- Lose weight

- Calm neurotransmitters

- Beat addictions

- Relieve pain

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Upcoming Talk on Meditation and Mindfulness

"How Meditation And Mindfulness Can Help"  

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"How Meditation And Mindfulness Can Help" 
Join me for a one hour talk in Montreal on how meditation and mindfulness

work together to help you meet your needs. This talk will explore the spiritual

implications of Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory so you leave the talk with

a clearer understanding of what you truly need.  This presentation is offered in

English with French translation. 

Meditation Workshop

"Meditation Basics 101" - Workshop  

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The Meditation Basics 101 workshop, created by NRYM,  offers you the basic building blocks you need to get started with meditation. Nicole shares some simple relaxation exercises and guides you in a  meditation practice that you can easily bring home and practice on your own. This workshop is offered in English with French translation as needed. 

Eight Week Program: Learn to Meditate with Ease and In Comfort 

Nicole offers an 8 week program that lays the foundation for a solid meditation practice by exploring different types of meditation. Each week a new meditation is introduced and practiced. The goal is for you to develop your own meditation practice that you can practice anywhere, anytime that takes into account your lifestyle and the benefits you are looking for. 

Week 1 and 2:  Basics of Meditation
Week 3: Traditional Yoga Meditation 

Week 4: Heart Opening Meditation
Week 5:  Visual Meditation 
Week 6:  Mantra Meditation
Week 7:  Mantra Meditation (Continued )
Week 8: Guided Healing Meditation in the Tantra Tradition  

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Meditation Workshop: Learn the Merkaba

This 17 breath meditation, based on esoteric teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek, is ideal for the experienced meditation practitioner who wishes to bring their spirituality to the next level. 
The Merkaba, is an energetic field around the body that, when activated, will create a profound feeling of peace. 
The Merkaba acts as a mirror that highlights imbalances. The Merkaba, is not a healing tool in itself, but rather a tool to guide you to needed healing. Everyone, of course, needs healing. In fact, if you are serious about your spiritual growth you know that healing is intrinsic to spiritual maturity. 
This workshop includes two components:
- Sacred geometry principles underlying the meditation
- Mechanics of the seventeen breath meditation 

Sacred Geometry
The Merkaba is a meditation based on principles of sacred geometry; the shapes that connect us to our divinity. The sphere, the spiral, the platonic solids and the Taurus are all shapes that connect us to the creative energy of the Universe.

The Merkaba is a living energy field around your body that takes the shape of the star tetrahedron. This field is one of the many fields around our body that lays dormant until we remember that it is there. The practice combines breath work, visualization, eye movements and hand gestures to enable you to remember this energy field. 

“Each tetrahedron is an exact measurement of every quadrant of your current overall polarity balance within and around your body and being. Therefore, the Merkaba can be used to graph and decipher all of our challenges. Polarity refers to the masculine or feminine aspect of either your emotional, mental, physical, sexual or spiritual bodies” Flower of Life workbook- Ron Holt

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