​​​Yoga and Meditation Classes  

Mindfulness Coaching in Montreal 

Deepen your existing yoga practice with meditation or just learn a new skill to manage stress and cultivate awareness. 

8 Week Program: Learn to Meditate with Ease and In Comfort 

Nicole offers an 8 week program that lays the foundation for a solid meditation practice by exploring different types of meditation. Each week a new meditation is introduced and practiced. The goal is for you to develop your own meditation practice that you can practice anywhere, anytime that takes into account your lifestyle and the benefits you are looking for. 

Week 1 and 2:  Basics of Meditation
Week 3: Traditional Yoga Meditation 

Week 4: Heart Opening Meditation
Week 5:  Visual Meditation 
Week 6:  Mantra Meditation
Week 7:  Mantra Meditation (Continued )
Week 8: Guided Healing Meditation in the Tantra Tradition