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About My Teachings

My teachings are based on my belief that at the core you are pure Love and that Love is your true nature. When you are not feeling the love that your are, it is simply a reminder to come back into contact with who you truly are without shame, without judgment. I am the first to say it, this is no easy task! So many have forgotten, are confused and lost. All you can do is commit to your own spiritual growth regardless of what is happening around you. I hope I can help.

Where do my teachings come from

Influenced by yoga, buddhist, metaphysical and ancient wisdom, my teachings come to me through meditation and contemplation. I tap into the loving wisdom of the universe that is available to every one that comes to it with an open heart and a willingness to serve with humility and compassion. It is my honour to share these teachings and help you incorporate them into your life if living from the heart is something that resonates with you.

Podcast Listing

Talk  - How Meditation And Mindfulness Can Help

Learn how meditation and mindfulness work together to help you meet your needs. This talk explores the spiritual 
implications of Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory so you leave the talk with a clearer understanding of what you truly need.  

Workshop - Meditation Basics 101 

The Meditation Basics 101 online learning workshop, created by NRYM,  offers you the basic building blocks you need to get started with meditation. Nicole shares some simple relaxation exercises and guides you in a  meditation practice that you can easily bring home and practice on your own. 


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