About my Private or Small Group On Demand Yoga & Meditation On Demand Classes 

Yoga and meditation to me, go together like two peas in a pod- they cannot be separated. In fact my classes often end up more like a meditation in motion than a physical practice. What I love about this approach is that you become so engrossed in the experience that you don't even notice that you are in fact getting a physical workout at the same time. I enjoy tailoring a yoga and meditation class to meet your needs. All classes combine yoga, meditation, breath work, postures, flow as well as mindfulness exercises. The proportion of each depends on your needs, goals and abilities at this time. Whether you are new to yoga or wish to deepen your practice with some one-on-one attention, I am delighted to create a class just for you or your group. I also delight in working with groups- whether its a work group looking to destress and build team spirit together, or a family group looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle, I love working with a group and noticing the growth over time. Get Details

About my clients

I have worked with children, seniors, couples, teens, parents, pregnant women, companies, as well as, people suffering from mental illness, eating disorders, Parkinson's, diabetes and cancer. The yoga, meditation and mindfulness tools I share have helped people navigate divorce and bereavement, job loss, as well as, the stresses that comes with transitioning into parenthood, adulthood, retirement and menopause. If you are not going through a challenging time yourself, perhaps someone close to you is and you want to be there for them- perhaps an aging parent who is feeling depressed, an out of control teen, or just a friend who has lost their rudder and needs you to hold space for them. This can deplete, confuse and possibly frustrate you and you may need some support just to be able to support those you love.

What to expect 

I provide all the props you need when you choose a class at my venue in Lasalle- yoga mats, blankets, cushions, straps and blocks and when I travel to a venue of your choice, I am pleased to bring yoga mats and blocks if you need them. I use music to deepen the experience and help you move away from your mind chatter. I like to create a unique essential oil blend for the diffuser tailored to the class, as well as, use eye pillows in Savanasa so you can go deep during the relaxation component of the class. I am pleased to offer you a very safe space to help you recharge, renew and refocus with yoga and meditation whether you come to my venue in Lasalle or I travel to you. 

The Components of a Class 

Each class will include these components, though the sequencing and the proportion of each will change with each personalized class. 
- Welcome and Centering
- Movement warmup
- Flow and postures
- Cool down
- Meditation
- Savasana

How much does a private and small class NRYM yoga & meditation class cost 

In order to keep costs for private and small classes as low as possible, while offering quality customized programs to meet the needs of my clients, I am pleased to offer NRYM tokens you can use towards your classes. Choose a drop-in token or save with a token package. 

About Yoga and Meditation 

At Nicole Rolland- Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, yoga and meditation work together as a physical, mental and spiritual practice to yoke together body, mind and spirit so you can move out of stress, anxiety and worry and into the perfection of the present moment. Together this leads to an experience of Mindfulness.

Yoga + Meditation = Mindfulness

If you are looking for a quick fix bandaid solution this may not be the right place for you and I would be happy to suggest studios and teachers in Montreal to meet your needs.  If you are looking to live a more mindful, loving and compassionate life long term, you have come to the right place. 

Connect to who you truly are and to what really matters....to you 

Yoga and meditation are skills that require practice. Just like it takes time and commitment to learn a new sport, the practice of yoga and meditation does not happen over night. 

How yoga and meditation lead to positive change 

When you bring yoga and meditation into your life, you also welcome in positive change- Change that you will not only notice on the inside but also on the outside where some aspects of your life may change. Sometimes the changes happen gradually and sometimes they happen more quickly. Some, notice changes after their first class, while others need a little more time.

What can be frustrating to some, is that the positive changes that so many are looking for are not always noticeable immediately- sometimes they are, but often times they are not and in the fast food immediate gratification NOW world we live in this can be challenging. Physical or emotional discomfort can arise and this is normal and healthy when dealing with change. Choosing a skilled and experienced teacher is key, someone who understands this and will be able to give you the support you need. I see that my role is to meet you where you are. I love change, I love the process of change and if you are willing to embark on an exciting journey I will meet you where you are and take you where you wish to go. 

I like to see that transformation happens in cycles and that we are always somewhere on the cycle- either going into a period of transformation or coming out of one. Wherever you are in this process, your needs and goals will be different. Nicole 

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