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Private And Small Classes 

Private and small group classes you can afford. ​​

  • Receive a healing and rejuvenating experience that will deepen your connection to who you truly are

Save with Star Tokens 
1 Token: $30 per token
5 Tokens: $27 per token or $135
10 Tokens: $25 per token or $250

See Specials below for selected events

1st introductory class 1.15 minutes: add $45 + 1 token

Be a Star with a Star Token: 1 Token for 1 hour  

1st Introductory class in your home or office

$45 + 1 token to get started with a one hour and fifteen minutes private class 

Private or small group on demand classes at your home or office
Choose 2 tokens for a one hour private class
Add another token for:
- Each extra participant
- Extended time (1/2 tokens for additional 30 minutes)

Scheduled classes

 1.5 hour class includes 30 minute meditation and 1 hour yoga

4 to 8 participants

Choose 1.5 tokens to get started with a one hour and a half hour scheduled class

An additional transportation and parking fee may be charged  

Additional tokens may be added for areas off the island of Montreal or for more distant locations: Contact Nicole for details

Workshops and Programs

Prices may vary and tokens may be used. Please refer to specific offering.




WEEKLY HOURS : Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm

CLASS CARDS: Previously purchased NRYM Class Cards exchanged for class tokens and may be used indefinitely.