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Class Tokens 

Take your yoga to the next level! 

Connect to who you are and to what really matters 

Private And Small Classes 

Private and small group classes you can afford. ​​

  • Receive a deeply healing and rejuvenating experience that will deepen your connection to who you truly are

Save with Star Tokens 
1 Token: $30 per token
5 Tokens: $27 per token or $135
10 Tokens: $25 per token or $250

See Specials below for selected events

1st introductory class 1.15 minutes: add $45 + 1 token

Be a Star with a Star Token: 1 Token for 1 hour  

1st Introductory class in your home or office

$45 + 1 token to get started with a one hour and fifteen minutes private class 

Private or small group on demand classes at your home or office
Choose 2 tokens for a one hour private class
Add another token for:
- Each extra participant
- Extended time (1/2 tokens for additional 30 minutes)

Scheduled classes

 1.5 hour class includes 30 minute meditation and 1 hour yoga

4 to 8 participants

Choose 1.5 tokens to get started with a one hour and a half hour scheduled class

An additional transportation and parking fee may be charged  

Additional tokens may be added for areas off the island of Montreal or for more distant locations: Contact Nicole for details

Workshops and Programs

Prices may vary and tokens may be used. Please refer to specific offering.




WEEKLY HOURS : Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm

CLASS CARDS: Previously purchased NRYM Class Cards exchanged for class tokens and may be used indefinitely.