Nicole's Talks 


- How meditation and mindfulness can help

A one hour introductory talk on how meditation and mindfulness work together  to meet your needs so you get more of what you want and less of what you don't


- Stop Worrying and Start living! Four Pillars to Mindful Living 

Two hour Power Point presentation followed Q & A 


- Live your Dharma! Three steps to bring more purpose and meaning to your life

Two hour Power Point presentation followed Q & A 

Talks are offered in English with french translation as needed. 

Nicole is pleased to customize a talk for your group. Contact Nicole Here

Book & Media

What people are saying about "What does it mean to Step into Consciousness" Book Talk at the Westmount Library November 9, 2016

"Your lecture was excellent, I was impressed that the Westmount Library would have such a presentation" Charlotte Rosshandler- November 2016 

" You gave a wonderful talk. It was very interesting that you introduced the scientific approach of Heartmath and measuring heart coherence and its importance." Carolina Arrillaga- November 2016

"It was a wonderful presentation. I enjoyed it very much. Great feeling in the room. I'm starting your book tonight!" Barbara Lewis - November 2016 

Take your yoga to the next level!

Connect to who you are and to what really matters


"Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning, and Abundance" 

Order a personalized copy for yourself or a loved one! 


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My teachings are based on my belief  that at your core you are pure Love and that Love is your true nature. When you are not feeling the love that your are, it is simply a reminder to come back into contact with who you truly are without shame, without judgment. I am the first to say it, this is no easy task! So many have forgotten, are confused and lost. It's part of the process. All you can do is commit to your own spiritual growth regardless of what is happening around you. I hope I can help.


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