January 24, 2019

This week's blog "How to stop the silencing cycle so you can live from the heart" .

In this article, I discuss the spiritual implications of silencing others, yourself, as well as, being silenced. I discuss how it's all about not wanting to hear someone's truth including your own. I discuss the silencing cycle as being fuelled by fear and judgment and how it prevents you from stepping into who you truly are as so you can sparkle and shine with the divine light that you are. 

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December 31, 2018

This Week- New Year's Compassion-Building Self- Awareness Exercise 

In the spirit of remembering your true nature this new year, I invite you to join me in a self- awareness exercise designed to foster compassion for yourself and others. 

Take a moment to playfully ponder the imagery that the great biblical story of Noha's ark offers. Relax, breathe and imagine all of Mother Earth's children together in one large vessel, with room for all. Forget about being paired up or any thoughts of cataclysmic events and just focus on the ark :-)

Step 1: Answer the following five questions for yourself 

1) What kind of boat do you see yourself on?

Ship, sail boat, raft...

2) Where are you on the vessel?

Bow, stern, starboard, port, upper decks, lower decks, 1st, 2nd or 3rd class...

3) Who do you want close by?

4) Who do you want to keep at arms length?

5) What are you doing? 

Creating, managing, helping, supervising, teaching, praying, playing, resting, nesting...Think of any traditional jobs, as well as, universal archetypes you connect with.

Examples of archetypes include: Mother, Father, Child, Healer, Avenger, Dilettante, Beggar, Rebel, Addict, Judge, Advocate, Artist, Gambler, King...Carolyn Myss is a sound authority on archetypes and streams of consciousness. For More on her work with archetypes here.  

Step 2: Answer questions one through five again for the following three categories of people in your life.

1- Someone you care for deeply.

2- Someone you do not care for. 

3- Someone who elicits little emotional charge either way.

Chose between 1 and 3 people for each category- no more to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  

Step 3: Journal, notice what comes up for you and practice non judgmental awareness 

Notice if you judge some of these as better or worse, weird or normal, right or wrong and move out of judgment and into acceptance. 

Without using the word "should" move to that perfect place within you where everything is just perfect, just the way it is. 

Notice if you feel more compassion for yourself and others when you discover that there is a perfect place for everything and everyone in the great vessel of life. Please feel free to share any discoveries and Aha moments with me here or on my facebook page



N.B: Please note that my blogs published on wordpress www.steppingintoconsciousness.com is not available at this time but will be back up and running shortly. 

About my blog 

Holiday expectations, family and social gatherings are ripe territory for narcissistic overdrive. A person using narcissistic manipulation will do whatever they can to show that she is "right" by making you "wrong".

Be vigilant this holiday season and protect your energy. Notice acts of narcissistic manipulation. Here are some favoured strategies to be aware of:

- Gas lighting: Tactic to destabilize another that discredits, belittles, makes fun of, uses cruel humour, silences, negates a person's  reality, lies, cuts off information flow, favours some and excludes others, traps. More on Gas lighting 

- Triangulating:  Use of a third party to isolate another, turn people against them, badmouth, gossip, spread false news, share personal information....

More on Triangulation

What to do next?

Step 1: Get Informed by gathering information and resources. Make a plan and do not rush into anything.


Step 2: If you are familiar with shadow work, you may like to look at your own narcissistic shadow and clean up your garden, book an energy healing session, do some self healing, or just skip to step 3.

Step 3:  Get help and find the right professional to support you. Trust that the help you need is at hand.

Narcissistic manipulation will affect you on all 3 levels of Body/Mind and Spirit so determine which level you wish to tackle first. 

Not sure how to proceed? I am here to help. Contact me here . 

Many blessings, 


About my Blog "What is the root cause of narcissism and what can you do about it"

The skinny on this week's topic is that narcissistic behaviour develops as a result of unhealed shame. Shame is archetypal and therefore arises from the collective unconscious and affects everyone. The key is to heal it rather than try to eliminate it. 

In this blog, I discuss how judgment leads to fear which leads to shame. One could also argue how shame leads to fear which leads to judgment.  What came first- the chicken or the egg? it doesn't really matter. Again, it's all about staying away from being right or finding the right answer.

The more fear you feel, the higher the shame so address the fear and you dig up the root of your shame. So what are you afraid of?  There is a lot of shame around removing the mask, coming out of the closet and showing the world the real you. However, once the mask is removed and the truth is revealed the shame that once fuelled your narcissism no longer has a charge and voilà your narcissism is under control. 

So if you love to paint, host an art show and invite your friends to see your work. Who cares if they like it or not, show the world who you are! Release expectations and have fun!

In the wise words of the Tao

" Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill.

Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt.

Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench.

Care about people's approval and you will be their prisoner.

Do your work, then step back.

The only path to serenity." Tao Te Ching

Happy reading!  


Move Into Your Heart Game 

NRYM Top Ten Things People Seem To Want And Struggle To Achieve:

List A - In no specific order 

1) Happiness

2) Money

3) Peace of Mind

4) Youth 

5) Excitement

6) Success

7) Respect

8) Security

9) Support

10) Recognition

NRYM Top Ten Things People Truly Want And Can Easily Achieve:

List B - Same order as list A

1) Joy

2) Abundance

3) Simplicity

4) Wellness

5) Inspiration

6) Meaning

7) Beginner's Mind

8) Trust

9) Forgiveness


Move into your heart by replacing each item from list A with corresponding item from list B and notice what happens...


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