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Mindfulness Programs in Montreal 

Recharge- Renew- Refocus 

Start down the road to a new level of well-being. If you have been searching for a deeper level of wellness, I invite you to explore the nurturing, intimate environment at Nicole Rolland Yoga and Meditation (NRYM). 

NRYM offers quality private and small group yoga, meditation and mindfulness coaching.  

Chose yoga, meditation, mindfulness or any combination thereof at your home, work place or at one of my venues in Lasalle or Westmount. 

Private classes for as low as $25 with a one hour token!

Be A Star with Star Tokens

Private and small group classes you can afford. 

​NRYM  Star Tokens  keep rates as low as possible so you can enjoy the convenience of practicing in your own home or work place.

Use your NRYM STAR Tokens to save and get what you need. Whatever you chose, whether it's a yoga class, a meditation session or mindfulness coaching use 1 token in exchange for a 1 hour class.  


Whether it's a traditional yoga class to build strength and flexibility, a meditation class to quiet the mind, breath work to manage stress levels or mindfulness coaching to navigate through a challenge - you are sure to receive what you need. 

Nicole offers various mindful and meditation programs to help you enjoy the benefits of meditation and mindfulness as well as information sessions to learn more about them. Register for an upcoming information session Here  .



Become fully present and learn to tap into the innate intelligence of your body that knows exactly what it needs. 

Learn to listen...

Take your yoga to the next level! 

Connect to who you are and to what really matters

Connect to the wisdom of your heart and discover the beauty and perfection that is always there. 

Learn to breathe....


Nicole Rolland- Youtube Channel

Still the monkey mind and realize you are not your thoughts- you are so much more. 

Learn to let go...

Yoga And Meditation Classes in Montreal